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Amruth Chikitse


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-Raghunath Guruji

Temple of Success

Born in Mugudthi, Shimoga district, Karnataka. He is the founder of Temple Of Success - an institution that has been working towards reviving an age-old therapy called Amruth Chikitse. In his youth, he was suffering from four illnesses. After 6 years of suffering and consulting over 200 Doctors, medicine men, etc he found relief in Amruth Chikitse. This therapy cured all his ailments within four months.Through an insight from Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, he decided to spread this divine therapy to those in need. He started Temple Of Success in Saraswathi Nagar in 1999. Since then it has evolved into the organization that is helping the needy. It is now located in R V Road, V V Puram, Bangalore.


Meet Guruji!


Param Poojya Jagadguru

Sri Sri Sri Saidutt Raghunath Guruji Peethadhyaksharu

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Since 1984 Param Poojya Sri Sri Sri Saidutt Raghunath Guruji has been helping people from all walks of life



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“Amazing Amrutha Chikitse treatment! Suffered from 6 problems for past 18 years. no medical treatment nor Ayurveda not Homeopath could give me permanent Cure.”

- Kumuda Jaganath

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